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Class Show

Students of class 7 of Saupins School, Mohali staged a spectacular show on the theme of “ “with zeal and enthusiasm on 29 th January at Odieum. The Headmistress Mrs Goldie Kapany welcomed the parents . Every year classes are given a specific theme to perform, with a view to provide  awareness and  opportunity to… Read More »

Musical Bonanza

The students of Nursery, L.K.G and U.K.G of Saupin’  s School proudly  presented “The Musical Bonanza” 2018. “Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends”. Alphonse de Lamartine. Parents appreciated the vocal skills of the performers. Children showed immense musical aptitude under the guidance of their teachers and sang melodious songs. The… Read More »

Annual Sports Meet 2018-19

Saupin’s School, Sec-70, Mohali held its Annual Sports Meet 2018-19 for classes III to VIII with a lot of zeal and zest at the stadium sector-46, Chandigarh from 26th of November to 30th of November’2018. The entire week was marked by exuberance of the students of these classes who put up a spectacular performance showcasing… Read More »

A visit to the supermarket

Saupin’s School Mohali took the children of Class 2 to ‘Reliance Fresh’  on an outing from the school. ‘Shopping’ is a word that elicits smiles. Even the younger ones are little shoppers  and have clear notions about what they need. A visit to the supermarket helps to increase awareness about products and their consumption. They were… Read More »

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

The Pre-primary wing of Saupin’s School, celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with great zeal and patriotism. A special assembly was conducted to pay tributes to Gandhiji. The assembly started with the song ‘Raghupati Raghav….’ followed by highlighting the values and ethics he strived to inculcate in the society. Children were also explained about the teachings of Gandhiji.… Read More »

A visit to the Telephone Exchange

In order to familiarize the concepts of modern day electronics, Saupin’s school Mohali organized a visit to the biggest telecom operator BSNL Telephone exchange for the class 2 students. The main objective of the visit was to make the students aware of the    Telecom Equipment , Telephone exchange and working in the network. The students… Read More »

Fancy dress competition on the topic “Healthy eating habits”

To inculcate healthy eating practices and create awareness on Importance of Childhood Nutrition among the students, Fortis Hospital Mohali organized a Fancy Dress Competition. The topics were ‘Healthy as well as Unhealthy Food’  and  ‘Good Eating Habits’. Some of the students from the school came dressed up as vegetables, junk food and toothpaste and spoke  on their respective topic.… Read More »

Janmashtami Celebration

The Pre- primary wing of Saupin’s School , Mohali celebrated Janmashtami with great zeal and fervor. Under the guidance of the teachers , the little ones enjoyed the process of decoration , placing the baby Krishna in the cradle and the most exciting bit was the ‘ Prasad ‘ which they all enjoyed. The children… Read More »

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

The Pre-primary wing of Saupin’s School, Mohali, celebrated ‘Raksha bandhan’ with great fervour. On this auspicious occasion, children express their love for their siblings. They were also told about the significance of the festival. The celebration marked with the exchange of beautiful rakhis made by the little ones. The school always makes an effort to… Read More »

Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Saupin’s school Mohali put up a unique exhibition showcasing the ancient Egyptian Civilization. Exquisitely crafted replicas of artefacts of the era like the Mortuary Figurine of a woman, Ivory Amulet of a bearded man, Terracotta plate depicting a man on a boat, Tools for agriculture, Shaduf, model of a typical house in the time of… Read More »