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Fee Notice.

Dear Parent This is to remind you that the school fee is payable quarterly and the last dates for the session 2019-20 starting from 2nd April 2019 are as follows: Quarter Last Date 1st quarter (April, May, June) 10th April 2nd quarter (July, August, September) 10th July 3rd quarter (October, November, December) 10th October 4th… Read More »

Jaunty Junior’s Field Show.

Dear parent Please note the following for the upcoming Jaunty Junior’s Field show to be held on 27.02.2019 (Wednesday) and 28.02.2019 (Thursday). 02.2019 (Wednesday) Field Show for Classes Nursery and LKG. Holiday for Classes UKG and I. 02.2019 (Thursday) Field Show for Classes UKG and I. Holiday for Classes Nursery and LKG. G.K. Exam for… Read More »

National Deworming Day.

Dear Parent National Deworming Day is a nationwide programme launched by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Under National Deworming Day, children will be administered Albendazole tablet for deworming, which is a safe and beneficial drug as per WHO and the Government of India. No child will be administered the tablet forcefully. Children who are… Read More »

Date-sheet for PT8 & Final Exams For Classes VI-VIII.

Dear Parent The following is the Date-sheet for PT8 & Final Exams. Date Day Class VI Class VII Class VIII 28.02.2019 THURSDAY G.K. G.K. G.K. 01.03.2019 FRIDAY PUNJABI COMPUTER COMPUTER 05.03.2019 TUESDAY S.ST MATHS S.ST 07.03.2019 THURSDAY HINDI ENGLISH HINDI 09.03.2019 SATURDAY ENGLISH PUNJABI SCIENCE 11.03.2019 MONDAY SCIENCE HINDI ENGLISH 13.03.2019 WEDNESDAY MATHS S.ST MATHS… Read More »

Regarding Books for the Session 2019-20.

Dear Parent The book list for the year 2019-20 has been finalized will be put up on the website. You are requested to inform us whether (Please tick one column):- You will buy the complete set at max. discounts (upto 25% – 30%) from school. Will buy only some of the books (list main subjects)… Read More »

Withdrawal Notice

Dear parent, Kindly note that parents who want to withdraw their ward for the next session may intimate  the SCHOOL OFFICE IN WRITING latest by 28th February 2019 positively.  Any withdrawal thereafter will invite a notice pay of Rs. 2500/- per child. Thank you for your cooperation.

Annual Sports Day, 2018-19

Dear Parent It is our pleasure to inform you that we are organizing our Annual Sports Day, 2018-19 on 30th and 31st Jan., 2019. The run through for the same will be held on 28th and 29th Jan. Non participants are not required to come on 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st January, 2019. Feb 1(Friday)… Read More »

Annual Sports Day 2018-19

Dear Parent Physical fitness has always been an integral part of Saupin’s School and to promote this further we have organized our Annual Sports Day, 2018-19 at the Sports Stadium, Sec 46, Chd. on Day 1: 30th  Jan, 2019 (for classes 4th,5th,8th,9th, 10th , 11th ) Day 2: 31st Jan, 2019 (for classes 2nd,3rd,6th and… Read More »

Date-Sheet For The Final Exams (2018-19) For Class XI.

Dear Parent The following is the Date-sheet for the Final Exams (2018-19) for Class XI. Date Day Subject 15.02.2019 Friday Economics 18.02.2019 Monday Business Studies 20.02.2019 Wednesday English 22.02.2019 Friday Maths 25.02.2019 Monday Accountancy 27.02.2019 Wednesday Physical Education   Preparatory Holidays begin from 11.02.2019.  Principal