Programe for International Student Assessment

By | May 28, 2019

Dear Parent

The MHRD has chosen Chandigarh to be a part of PISA (Programe for International Student Assessment), an international assessment that assess 15 year olds in Reading, Mathematics and Science literacy with a greater emphasis on higher order thinking skills..

As per the instructions given by the DEO, Chandigarh, our school will also be a part of this assessment in 2021 with mock trial in the year 2020.

Working towards this the syllabus of Classes VII to IX in English, Maths & Science stands changed and the number of PTs reduced. Mapping of syllabi as per DEO’s instructions has been done and also will be available on the school website

CBSE also proposes to add PISA type questions in Class 10 papers henceforth.

The school will work towards this end to achieve the best possible results for all stake holders.

Looking forward to your co-operation.

For more information visit PISA website