The Weight of the School Bag That Children Carry to School.

By | December 18, 2018

Dear Parent

This is to inform you that the Education Department under directions from the MHRD, is framing a policy to reduce:-

The weight of the school bag that children carry to school.

Maximum weight of Bag

Classes 1 & 2 3 – 5 6 – 7 8 – 9 10
Weight 1.5Kg 2-3kg 4kg 4.5kg 5kg
  • You are reminded that very often the weight of the empty bag, tiffin box and water bottle weighs upto 2kg!
  • Please ensure that children carry only the books required as per the time table.
  • Please ensure that non academic materials are not brought to school.
  • Items like dictionary / thesaurus /atlas are strictly for home use only.

Schools have been directed to weigh bags and ensure that the above guidelines are followed.

You are requested to treat this matter seriously and ensure compliance.

Thanking you