Add values and click calculate


The app's main page has two sections. The left (grey) pane is where the question details are feeded to the app and it's solution comes at the right (green) pane. The form has a bunch of fields. Some additional information about each field slides in when you place your cursor on each field.

Depending on the method the form will have a few fields avilable. There are two types of fields for each method, required fields need to be filled for the answer to be calculated while optional fields are not required but your question may provide their value so you have the option to fill them in. The optional fields can seen by clicking "More" button on the form.

Below is the explanation of each field available in the form. You can more easily understand their purpose by checking out the examples section. If you are on PC then the form itself will popup a small description when you put your cursor in the field.

About this app

This app will solve your math homework for you. Well since Mathematics is such a vast subject, this app cannot solve every question out there. The app (for now) solves iteration based equations. The app supports a few different methods of solving equations. Head over to the examples tab to see them in action.

Browser requiremenets

This is a HTML5 web app. So it's best if you are using latest version of your browser. I have tested it on the most recent verion (at the time of this writing) of Chrome, Firefox and IE (11) and the app seems to work fine. If you find any issues, please send me an email.

The app is also mobile friendly. The app has been tested on stock Android browser in 2.3.5 but should work in Mobile Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Again, if you find any issues please send me an email.

Offline use

The app is completely functional offline. You need to load this page once and the app will be available to you even if you are not connected to the internet. When offline, just load this page as you normally would. No extra step required. This is available on both desktop and mobile. I have tested it on Android 2.3 stock browser but it should work as far back as 2.1.


This app is created as a submission to Google Cloud Challange by Achin and Saurabh. The app is also open source, if you want to contribute to this fight against homework feel free to send in a pull request. You can also find us on Google+